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Roll Your Tasks (RYT) (click link for start) is a browser based task management application for individuals and small groups.

Some Features

GUI Features

Looking at screenshots or into screencasts is recommended, but for those preferring text here are some GUI features.

Unminified Version

There is an unminified version, too.


Feedback is appreciated. Please use mail via (RYT) ?→Feedback menu. Don't worry: it's an ordinary mailto (no web form).


Remake screencasts and screenshots with current RYT version.

About this Service

The RYT service here is provided as it is: feel free to use it

If you want to have your project data encrypted while being transferred from/to the server, just use RYT via https. You have to accept a self signed certificate to get this working, though. For encrypted storage at server see There is a partial solution....

However, permanent availability cannot be guaranteed. If you want to start your own RYT service, see Your own RYT Service below.

About 'dangerous' JavaScript

There has been an article The JavaScript Trap by Richard Stallman (FSF). This has motivated me to also provide an unminified - functional identical - RYT version in addition to the minified default.

The minified version once has been made - after the unminified (more developer friendly) one -, because a colleague of mine has had a very slow internet connection in a train... (now it is the default). My suggestion is to use the minified default one.

Software as a Service (SAAS)

The term 'software as a service' (SAAS) is suited for describing some of RYT's features:

This functionality is comfortable for the enduser.

FSF sees SAAS as dangerous for the freedom of the individual person. But how to keep enduser comfort while at the same time keeping the user data private?

There is a partial solution...

Currently there is an - experimental - feature of encrypting user project data before pushing it onto the server. So even a RYT admin cannot read your project data (but nevertheless a RYT admin could always read your keys and project names, of course).

Note: for having your keys and project names encrypted in server interactions, too, please use RYT via https.

Your own RYT Service

Audience: this section is not for RYT endusers (using it as a service). It is for people, who want to provide their own RYT service.

License and where to get it

RYT is open-sourced at Github under the AGPL license (long version).

What you can do with it

This is how I (Stephan Rudlof) have understood the AGPL license: please contact me, if you want to start your own RYT service and think I'm wrong.


Donations support further maintenance and development of RYT.

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